Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Perfect Proposal

For those of you who have been following my blog since its inception, you know I didn't always make the wisest choices in men--immature alcoholics, anyone?

For the past three years, I have been dating a wonderful man who is 1,000% different than all the other guys. And as of one week ago, this girl is engaged!

From the very second we told people, they asked us where and when. My response: No clue. For now, we will bask in the glory of that newly engaged feeling, and I will be annoying and tell the story over and over.

I arrived at my boyfriend's office around 6:30, one Guinness deep after drinks with coworkers. On my way to meet him, I felt an indescribable peacefulness, which now I can attribute to that irrational girly feeling I had that this could be "the night." It was our three-year anniversary, and as usual, we were set to go on our first date: Dinner at an Italian restaurant, followed by tree-gazing at Rockefeller, followed by watching ice skaters fall on their asses at Bryant Park.

We were a tad early for our dinner reservation, so we slipped into a nearby bar, where I was blessed with quite a romantic line: "I remember after our first date," my boyfriend said. "I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot the next day all the way to work."

I said "Awww!" about 10 times and then we sailed blissfully along our date. By the time we got to Rockefeller, I noticed my boyfriend kept checking the time every 20 seconds. "Ready to go?" He said after a tourist snapped a picture of us in front of the tree.

As we walked to Bryant Park, I got that feeling again but told myself I was being a psycho girlfriend. Sure, there were some signs: a new-found obsession with the size of my fingers, secrecy with his phone, comments about being in "money-saving mode." In fact, I had secretly gone so crazy that the night before--while working out on the elliptical--I listed on my phone 16 clues that he may propose. (You can see how hard I work at the gym.) Still, I didn't want to get my hopes up.

When we arrived at Bryant Park, a giant, stupid grin spread over my boyfriend's face. Little did I know, he had just seen a "spy," his coworker who would be taking pictures of the proposal. "What's with the dumb smile?" I asked.

"I ... just love Bryant Park," my boyfriend said.

After picking out an ornament--another date tradition--my boyfriend and I stood by the skating rink and watched people glide by. "I'm really thirsty," I said.

And so my boyfriend agreed we should go grab water. But on the way there, right under the Bryant Park tree, he proposed. I only recall fragments of the speech because both of us were "blacked out" with giddiness, but piecing it back together in my mind the next day, I can tell you it was every woman's dream. "I love you, you make me happier than I've ever been, I can't wait to spend my life with you and make babies with you."

Of course, I was all waterworks. He didn't even get to show the ring before I hugged him and yelled "Yes!" as passersby gathered around us and yelled "Congratulations!" After hugging for at least 30 seconds, my boyfriend revealed a peach sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds with a rose gold band: My dream ring, which he figured out by asking my best friend (Ladies, always give your best friend a ring wishlist). I am now on Day 7 of staring at the ring as I type, which makes being a writer difficult.

After the proposal, my fiance (hehe) revealed that he had sent spies into the park to take pictures of the entire date and proposal, which I have also been staring at all week. I invited the spies to have celebratory drinks with us, unaware that my fiance already had a surprise party waiting at a bar a block away. We arrived to cheering from all my closest friends, as well as two glasses of champagne. After a few minutes, my fiance handed me a hotel key and said we were staying down the block. Could he have been any better at this proposal thing?!

So here I am, Day 7 of our engagement, watching him play video games as I type away (and...yeah...stare at the ring). And I know that I cannot wait to spend my life with him.

In the coming months, I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about the trials and tribulations of our wedding planning.

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carol said...

OMG! I know I'm a complete stranger who's been lurking, but i'm SO happy for you that I had to come out and say so! Congratulations!!

~B said...

Congratulations! I had been reading your blog since early on. I am so happy for you. I am so proud of you for holding out for the right guy and not settling. I wish you two so much love and happiness! You deserve it!

~B said...

Congratulations! I have been a reader for a while now. Its so wonderful to see that you didn't settle, and found such a wonderful guy. You both are so lucky and I wish you much love and happiness!! You truly deserve it.